HP DeskJet 3637 Driver Download and Installation Setup

This is a troubleshooting model for printers that are web-allowed and are set up with HP Deskjet 3637 driver.

This model is for situations when you have given a print job utilizing your ePrint mail id, but nothing is printed out. This model can be utilized to troubleshoot problems that could be the beginning of the HP Deskjet 3637 driver server to remove the print job offer or when you notice an ePrint error message shown hp Deskjet 3637 driver.

Step 1: Performing a Printer status & Requirements Verify

 Assure that your printer is turned on, set up, updated, and attached to a network.

Note:  If you have your printer connected with your PC with a USB cable, HP ePrint does not operate.

  1. Assure that your printer is turned on.
  2. Assure that your printer is connected to your Internet. For Daily Updates and its process hp Deskjet 3637 driver.
  3. If you notice that you have problems related to the network connection within your printer and your PC, then move onto the model that troubleshoots the network problems.
  4. Assure that you have the Web Services enabled and turned on. You will be needed to have the Web Services enabled and turned on always to use the HP Deskjet 3637 ePrint characteristic.
  5. On your Wireless printer, if you notice a ‘Connecting to server’ message only to notice that the Web services leave, then you will want to resolve the wireless network connection problem by connecting to the Wireless Network connection troubleshooting lead.
  6. Assure that you have your printer’s firmware introduced with the most updated software. If you obtain the firmware isn’t up to date, then the HP Deskjet 3637 ePrint will not work correctly.
  7. To upgrade the HP Deskjet 3637 driver firmware, see HP Customer Support type your model name and number of your printer, and then look out for the report for upgrading the firmware of your printer. Make the installation method easy by HP Deskjet 3637 driver.
  8. Look into your printer control panel for any flickering lights or error messages

If you notice any problems, then visit the HP Customer Support page. Type your printer model number and then search for “flickering lights” or related error messages to try troubleshooting information.

Step 2: Checking out the requirements for the mail and print job

To assure that you have your HP ePrint jobs get printed perfectly, you will want to assure that these terms here are met

  1. Assure that you’ve got the right mail id inserted into the To: field.
  2. If you have listed some additional mail id in a similar field as the printer’s mail id, then the HP ePrint server deletes the print job. If you want to have additional objects, enter the mail id in the Cc: field
  3. Assure that the subject link is not empty and so add any text. A fresh mail subject could make the HP Deskjet 3637 ePrint server to cancel the print job. For a clearer understanding of network connectivity and its enter hp.com/dj3637.
  4. For the HP ePrint error mail, verify if you have typed the wrong mail id.
  5. Assure that you own met all the HP ePrint mail requirements here:
  • No more than ten file attachments per mail print job.
  • No more than 10 MB of file extension for the mail sent for ePrint.
  • The report types that are supported by HP ePrint are: text (.txt), PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx and .doc), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx and .ppt), and Microsoft Excel (.xlsx and .xls).
  • These are the supported images file types: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff.
  • The Images are wanted to have a vertical and horizontal resolution of 100 pixels or greater.
  • Reports that are digitally engaged, encrypted, or password-defended are not supported by HP ePrint. Step by step guidance and solution for all the problems hp Deskjet 3637 driver.

Step 3: Checking into the Print History files.

If you do the HP Connected application to utilize/handle the HP ePrint highlight jobs, then you can verify into the hp Deskjet 3637 driver history on the hp Deskjet 3637 driver Connected to assure that your print job is in the print history files. The print job might take more than some mins before it prints

  1. Open up the HP Connected websites and then log in to your account. The My Printers tab would open up and a list of your connected printers will look.
  2. Choose the ePrint History button for your printer.
  3. The print history file looks. The print jobs that are in the print history terminate 30 days after they are added.
  4. Get to know more about the printer file and the way to resolve it hp Deskjet 3637 driver.
  • If the Print job looks, then hold on for the printer to get the print job file. The printer might be working with several other print jobs that might yet be pending.
  • If after a long time, the printer does not print the print job, then select the Delete icon, select the OK option, and then go forward and resend the print job over.
  • If the print job is printed with an Error icon, then follow the step by step guidance displayed on the screen to resolve the problem, and then send out the print job repeat.

If the print job does not look at all, then move ahead to the next step.

Step 4: Check the HP Deskjet 3637 ePrint Permitted Senders List

When including your printer onto your hp Deskjet 3637 driver Connected id, whoever knows the printer’s mail id can print to your web-enabled printer. Assure that when you utilize the hp Deskjet 3637 driver Connected statement that if you’ve got the Allowed Sender Only choice allowed, that you want to verify if your mail id is on the enabled Senders list of mail id.

  1. Choose the Settings choice that is marked on the My Printers tab next to your printer.
  2. Registered under the ePrint Access, choose the Allowed Senders Only choice, and then choose the Manage Allowed Senders.

You will notice an enabled sender email list developing. Make the update and installation method easy 123hpdj.net

  • If your mail id is seen on the list, then move ahead to the next step.
  • If your mail id is not seen on the list, then type the mail id that you want to give access to in the text box given, and then choose Add. The mail id that you type will now look in the enabled Senders list.
  • Try to give the print job again. If the print doesn’t take the site, then move ahead to the next step.

Step 5: Troubleshooting your network connection

To troubleshoot and fix the basic connection problems, you must verify the following steps, depending on your connection type. 

Go to the HP Customer Support page, for any data on how to connect your printer online, if you receive an error message. Type the model number of your printer and then look out for the lead that assists in installing your printer for a wired or wireless connection, or search mentioning the error message that looks when you’re attempting to connect your printer to your network.

HP Deskjet 3637 Driver Wireless Connection

  1. PC & Printer restart: Most of the error conditions can be cleared when you restart your printer and PC.
  2. Verifying the printer connection & network name: Assure that your printer’s wireless feature is turned on, and ensure that your printer is connected to a similar network as the one you have connected to your PC or cellphone. Assure that the Wireless icon’s blue light seen on the wireless printer is flickering/lighting up.
  3. Verify your printer’s connection utilizing your mobile phone’s cellular Internet connection: Utilizing your smartphone’s/tablet’s cellular Internet connection, if you can connect with your printer successfully, then this display that you have a bad Wi-Fi Internet connection. Verify with your Internet connection given for any assistance regarding this problem.
  4. Manual Printer connection setup: Utilizing the wireless setup wizard seen on most HP Deskjet 3637 driver control panel networks or with the wireless settings menu. Continue by following correctly what is mentioned on the screen and then types your network’s name and password to start connecting your printer to your network.
  5. Installing the printer & router at proximity: Move your printer and your PC close to the wireless router a little less than 6ft. The more the gap between your printer and your router, the lower the signal becomes.
  6. Router restart: Try restarting your wireless router if you get your internet connection very slow and irregular. You can reach out to the router company support page or your Internet service given to receive any assistance on how to restart your wireless router.
  7. Looking into the router’s frequency band: Routers normally work in the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands, but most HP printers do not support either frequency band. Ensure that the 2.4 GHz router band is allowed with your router. If your router broadcasts separate network names (SSIDs) for each band, next connect your HP printer to the 2.4 GHz band SSID. For General Software update and troubleshooting method hp Deskjet 3637 driver.
  8. Examining your Firewall: Your PC firewall settings can stop your printer from accessing your PC. Configure your firewall software to provide HP Deskjet 3637 Driver downloads & installations or you must enable/accept any firewall messages that display through the printer installation method.
  9. Remove any signal interferences: Metal objects like fridges or bookcases that might be in the space within your router, PC, and printer can conflict with the wireless signals.
  10. Looking out for surrounding radio & wireless signals: Radio wave transmitting devices placed next to the router, PC, or printer can meddle with your wireless signals being conveyed.
  11. Setting an IP address to the printer: Printers can get on without being allocated an IP address by DHCP(dynamic host configuration protocol) and so you will want to select a real IP address for your printer by typing your IP address on the front panel menu of your printer.

HP Deskjet 3637 Driver Wired(Ethernet) Connection

To troubleshoot your wired network connection between your printer, router, and PC, you can follow the guidance here

  1. Printer & PC restart: Most of the error states can be removed when you restart your printer and PC. A study of the device connectivity hp Deskjet 3637 driver.
  2. Verifying the network connection: You can verify if your printer is connected to the wired network by verifying the cable & the lights on the printer’s Ethernet port. Mark a bright green link light and orange activity light to verify the working connection. Also, verify that the cable is connected to your printer.
  3. Examine the cable: Assure that the cable plugged into your printer is the Ethernet cable and not your Phone cables, as they look very same.
  4. Plug back the Ethernet cable: Pick out the Ethernet cable and plug the cable rear into the right port of the rear of your printer.

Use various cables: You might have success in attempting out a modified Ethernet cable.


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