HP always gives important printer drivers and software sets in an installation CD/ DVD with your hp printer. You can download and install the important drivers and software for your hp Deskjet 3755 driver by installing it on your PC. By this, you can make all your print jobs from your pc in which you own installed this hp printer driver and software. You can download and establish the drivers and software for your hp Deskjet 3755 driver from the browser by following easy steps.

HP Deskjet 3755 driver software install for windows

  1. Switch on your hp Deskjet 3755 printer.
  2. On your Windows PC, go to support.hp.com.
  3. Next, download the important driver installation file.
  4. Open the file and snap yes or work to proceed with the installation.
  5. If a 1, 2, 3 connect screen issues, choose 2 to connect and then snap proceed.
  6. From the Software Choosing Screen, you can customize your software establishment by clicking on the customize software choices.
  7. Snap the checkbox to accept the terms and click next to start the software installation.
  8. The chosen software and driver install. HP always suggests installing all the newest DJ software and drivers.
  9. At the associate screen, choose the USB choice.
  10. When it is helped, connect the USB cable to the PC and to your printer.
  11. The installer identifies the hp Deskjet 3755 driver and proceeds to install the software.
  12. Follow the on-screen guidance to finish the installation.
  13. With your printer installed HP Deskjet 3755 printer Assistant opens spontaneously or by double-clicking on your printer icon on the Windows desktop.
  14. The HP Deskjet 3755 printer Assistant permits you to verify ink levels, adjust printing choices, set scanning choices, and other important tools.
  15. Presently, your HP Deskjet 3755 driver is available to use. For extra help, click on HP Deskjet 3755 driver.

HP Deskjet 3755 driver install for Mac

  1. Turn on your HP Deskjet 3755 printer.
  2. Ensure that there are no error messages promoted in the printer’s control panel.
  3. Connect it to your Mac OS PC by a wired or wireless network connection ( network connection is a must to unite your printer to the PC).
  4. In Mac OS PC, you want not to install CD to install drivers and software.
  5. HP printer gives updated software and drivers for your printers by an Apple software update.
  6. On your PC, click the Apple menu and click on System Choices.
  7. Next, click your Printers and Drivers.
  8. On the left side of your printers and scanners window, snap the plus sign.
  9. In the dropdown menu that looks, snap add printer or scanner.
  10. Your HP Deskjet 3755 printer name will be shown.
  11. Select Bonjour or bonjour multifunction printer type.
  12. Snap the Use box to utilize the HP Deskjet 3755 driver.
  13. In the dropdown menu, choose your printer name and snap add.
  14. Your Mac PC will get the newest software update for your hp Deskjet 3755 printer and install it.
  15. Download and install all the software and drivers ready for your printer.
  16. Next, snap the Apple menu.
  17. Snap software upgrade to automatically update the newest software and drivers ready for your printer from the Application store.
  18. Snap update.
  19. Once the software updates are finished, restart the PC.
  20. After the installation is finished, assure that your HP Deskjet 3755 printer is shown in the file.
  21. To utilize the updated software, left and restart the applications installed before continuing your printer.
  22. Your printer is available to work. For more help, click on HP Deskjet 3755 Driver.


When part of the report did not scan or text is missing


  1. Ensure that the original report is loaded correctly. Also, if you have scanned your report from the automatic report feeder, attempt scanning it for the scanner libation.
  2. Also, keep in mind that color backgrounds might prompt the front and background pictures to combine. So, modify the scan settings before the scan job starts.
  3. Verify if the input paper size is large sufficient to keep the original that is staying scanned.
  4. Sometimes, the printer is automatically set to make a particular task. Verify the setting and modify according to your requirement.




When the scanner did nothing

  1. Assure that the original report is loaded correctly.
  2. If your Sleep mode is just using, then it might get time for the printer to begin its job.
  3. Assure that the HP software you have installed is correct. If not, uninstall the software and visit our website to download the newest software and drivers.

When text cannot be edited



  1. Verify if OCR has been established in your HP Deskjet printer.
  2. Make one of the following tasks based on the OS you work.
  3. The report type you have a choice of should be editable text. It is listed as graphic, it cannot be changed to text.
  4. If you have established the HP software on your Macintosh, then the OCR software might not be established. To install it, insert the software CD that arrived with your printer, and snap-on the HP installer icon on the Hp Deskjet 3755 printer software Driver.
  5. Verify where the original report is placed. When the report is scanned as a converted text from ADF, the original must be stored in the automatic report feeder. If the report is scanned from the scanner glassful, then the original must be installed on the scanner glass print side.
  6. The original report should have good picture quality.
  7. It is to be regarded that colored backgrounds can affect lie in the scanned picture.

When the scan takes too long

  1. If you have fixed the printer to scan in big resolution, it is allowed to take longer and the result will be a bigger file size.
  2. The feebler the resolution, the lesser the time is needed to scan.


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