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HP Smart App Installation

You can simply set up your printer on a wireless Network the method of the HP Printer Smart app Setup and quickly Fix printer-related problems

Hp Smart App Setup For Android Appliances

  1. Go to Google Play Store and set up the HP printer smart app for your android phone.
  2. Once the application is installed, open the app and snap start.
  3. Allow the terms and conditions to continue the method.
  4.    Click the (+) sign on the display, If more than one printer associated with the wireless network prefers the printer you want to own to make an application.
  5.    You can add a new printer by wanting to add a printer or set up a brand new printer.
  6. Impale on to the on-screen data to perform the setup method.
  7. HP Printer Smart application has stayed within the android systems that have Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) versions or newer versions.
  8. Connect your printer after lancing the application.
  9. Guarantee that your android application is in a related wireless network as your printer

Hp Smart App Setup For Apple iOS device

  1. Install the HP printer Smart app to your iOS Device.
  2. After the setup method, click starts to open the app.
  3. To progress with the method satisfied for the Terms and Conditions, the application will start to find for the printers in the network.
  4. Click (+) signal on the house home screen, If a few printers are caught up to the wireless network choose the printer you need to utilize.
  5. You can add a brand new printer by choosing to upload the printer or set up a new printer.
  6. HP printer smart app is accepted within the Apple iOS devices that have Apple iOS nine types or newer versions.
  7. Next, install the app freeing it, and connect it forward with your printer.
  8. Assure that your Apple iOS tool is in a similar wi-fi network as your printer.

HP SMART App Download

Hp smart app Scan and print Function

  1. You can print images and paperwork from your android and iOS tools. Based on the android app you can additionally print from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.
  2. Go to HP sensible app, click Print files, print images to begin out the printing method.

You can do a collection of the article from the cloud garage, social media device, or from your mobile tool.

  1. By selecting on the settings icon you’ll get a choice of the input source for the scan.
  2. Click Done.
  3. To improve the border’s preferred scan.

You can too upload further pages by collecting the more pages icon.

Once the scanning system is completed, choose to Send, save, percentage or print depending on your wish Scan document the way of the mobile tool camera.

  1. Pick the document or the image that you want to become to print, the show will get promoted.
  2. To begin the printing method snap print.

Scanning out of your printer

  1. Rise the scanning method using setting the image or the work on the scanner glass or within the automated report feeder.
  2. Go to the Smart HP app.

It provides 3 sorts of scan-scan, scans to Email, scans to Cloud. Choose the scanning type that you need.

  1. By the method of your phone camera, you’ll be ready to scan the report or image as a PDF or JPEG record, you’ll be ready to save them on your cell tool, cloud account or you’ll receive them in email.
  2. Determine the record or image that you need to scan.
  3. Open your HP printer Smart app.

Pick your Mobile software and scan type

  1. In android devices: click camera scan to email, or digital cam scan to cloud, or file size.
  2. In Apple devices: Click Scan to Email, or scan to the cloud or the digital camera chance.

After snapping the image the show of the scan displays

  1. In Android devices: You can manually alter the border by modifying the blue dots.
  2. In Apple iOS systems: In Auto mode, the edges are robotically identified and it may take out multi-page scanning immediately, while the model mode is best for one or two website scans or when the car mode defaults to fall on the perimeters of the article

You could cause changes in the preview display screen

  1. You can also upload extra pages by choosing the extra pages icon.
  2. Once the scan method is done, pick Send, save, percentage or print depending on your desire.

Hp Smart App Setup

Features of Smart HP App

Copy and scan utilizing Smart HP App

  1. You can copy and scan reports or images forward with your cellular digital camera utilizing the HP Smart Printer app.
  2. HP Smart produces editing things to switch the image scanned before it is saved, posted, or pressed.
  3. You can print, retail your scans in the area or the cloud, and share them in emails, textual content messages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Support directions within the next section to copy or scan the method of HP printer Smart app, depending on the type of pc you’re the performance of.
  4. Copy and scan of an Android or iOS.
  5. Scan from a Windows 10.

This section provides elementary direction on the method of the HP Smart printer app to copy and scan from Android, iOS, or Windows 10 phones.

Print and download from an Android or iOS device by smart HP App

  1. Open your HP Printer Smart app.
  2. Click the Plus button if you need to change to any other printer.
  3. Click Copy. The open camera will open.
  4. Put a record or image in the entrance of the lens, choose a choice for assisting to determine the dimensions of the difference after which snap the round button at the backside of the display to size a report.

TIP: For the greatest results, exchange the digital camera area to locate the original within the support provided on the show display screen.

  1. Set the selection of copies or perform other changes if essential:
  • Click the extra Page icon to add extra paperwork or images.
  • Click the Remove icon to delete reports or footage.
  • Click Resize to alter the size of the new in the paper.
  1. Click Start Black or Start Color to have a copy.


Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices

When you attach your printer to an HP account, you might notice a Wrong Code message when utilizing a wrong Printer Code, or if the printer is now claimed by a different HP account.Ensure your printer has not previously been attached to another HP account.

  1. If the printer is not associated with another account, print different Print information Page to create a new Printer Code, and then decide to add the printer again.
  2. If the printer is associated with another account, you can both eliminate it from that account and then add it to your account, or you can utilize the documents of the other account when you sign into the HP Printer Smart app.

HP SMART App Functions

Hp Smart App Setup For Android phones

  1. Settings for Printer light and replace: you’ll be ready to change print settings like paper plates, remote mode, auto-off, and extra into the atmosphere the printer.
  2. Printing Printer Report: By selecting the printer experiences, you can download data about the settings and the printer quality diagnostics and situation details out of your printer model.
  3. Printer Tools: For servicing tasks, similar to print head cleansing, print feature equipment is arranged with the ink cartridge tap.
  4. To get details about the printer: to see the printer’s status, printer name, following quantity and film ware model, click printer settings, or print information

Advanced access tools: You can utilize refined arrangements to set energy-saving mode and verify the standing of the network and set your printer’s network settings.

Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices

  1. You can see the data about the ink cartridge by the method of snapping on the supported cartridge and you’ll be ready to buy now the choice to buy the ink cartridges.
  2. By going to the HP Immediate Ink choice, you’ll be ready to open the HP Immediate Ink dashboard.
  3. You can get data about the settings, reports, and tools of the printer for the utilize of the printer data icon.
  • The viewing and updating settings of the printer: you can set the settings of the printer related to paper plates, quiet mode, auto off, and also in the course of the printer settings.
  • Printer file: You will be able to get information on the settings page and thoughts on the printer’s characteristic quality and standing by choice for the printer files on your printer model.

Printer Tools: To take out maintenance tasks communicating to print head cleansing, print high-quality tools are arranged with the ink cartridge tap.


To scan from an Android or iOS device

  1. Open the HP Printer Smart application.
  2. Click the plus icon if you want to change to all other printers or continue a brand new printer.
  3. Select the scan choice, then tap Camera.
  4. The built-in digicam is closed. If you may become finished changing the scanned report or image, save, upload, or print it. Scan your image or file utilizing your digital camera.

Scan from a Windows 10 device

You can scan a file or image by utilizing a scanner from Windows 10 software

If your Phone highlights a display screen, you’ll be ready to utilize the HP Printer Smart app to scan a published report or image by the app of a digicam app. You can later edit, save, print, or relationship images with HP Smart. Open HP Smart.

  1. To be notified more, view the utilized the HP printer Smart App to print, duplicate, search, or troubleshoot.
  2. Snap Search, then snap on Camera.
  3. Please choose a file or image before your digicam, next tap, or snap the round button at the bottom of the image.
  4. Snap or Click the Apply icon.
  5. Create different changes if required:
  6. Snap or click Add Pages for added paperwork or footage.
  7. Snap or Click To rotate or copy the record or image or buy the particular, brightness, overload, or angle.
  8. Snap or click on the Save button to save it or click the Sharing icon to share it with others.


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